These are the top 10 films to beat the January blues

Louise McCreesh

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With Blue Monday (January 15) just around the corner, VUE cinemas have compiled a list of their top 10 films to beat the winter blues.

The movies on the list range from R-rated comedies to animated adventures like Pixar's Coco (which has done pretty well in the US and is released in the UK next weekend).

So, here's VUE's top 10 films to beat the January blues and why they're pretty great (in our opinion, at least).

1) Bridesmaids

Because there's no way, come January 15, you're having a worse day than Lilian pooping her pants while crouched on a busy road and wearing a designer wedding dress #humble.

2) Superbad

Because thank goodness your awkward teen years are behind you and at least you're not that girl who period-ed on someone's leg at a party. Or indeed, the boy who got period-ed on.

3) Before Sunrise

Because this film has a 100% Rotten Tomatoes rating and may be one of the truly good movies you haven't yet seen.

4) Up

Because crying is cathartic AF and the first 10 minutes of this movie will have you bawling harder then Rylan getting through Judges' Houses.

5) The Shawshank Redemption

Because Morgan Freeman's voice can soothe even the most tortured of souls.

6) Mary Poppins

Because you may hate the sound of your voice on your friend's snap, but at least it's better than Dick Van Dyke's terrible British accent.

7) Rocky

Because even champions have to start somewhere.

8) As Good as it Gets

Because it's as good as it gets.

9) When Harry Met Sally

Because watching Sally's OTT fake orgasm with anyone else in the room will leave you curled up with embarrassment and you'll forgot all your IRL problems (at least temporarily).

Plus, Carrie Fisher.

10) Coco

Because this will be out in cinemas in the UK by then and the cinema is for sure ONE OF THE HAPPIEST PLACES ON EARTH.

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