Top 10 Sports Names Related to Valentine's Day

Although there are a few obvious names that mean love, there are some that you will not expect. For example, Kevin Love of the Minnesota Timberwolves has Valentine's Day permanently attached to his last name. We are also aware that Venus Williams has a first name that means "Goddess of love and beauty".

However, according to a variety of online resources, almost every language has baby names that are related to the meaning of love.

This Valentine's Day, take a look at how many sports stars have a secret connection to romance hidden in plain sight.

1. A horse named Gwener

When it comes to horses that win races, superstitious bettors always evaluate the name. For this reason, names are introduced to pedigree lines carefully. In the old pre-English language of Wales, "Gwener" means love. If you think love is lucky, consider that the horse Gwener Dda owned by Caleb Davies recently won a few races in England.

2. Lineage of loving baseball

Are you a fan of Esmailin Caridad, who pitched for the Chicago Cubs in 2010, and his passion for MLB? If you are wondering what Caridad's secret ingredient is, think about the fact that it might be his name. In Spanish, the name Caridad means beloved or darling.

3. Beloved by mistake

Although Hiromi Amada is a citizen of Japan, his last name means "beloved" in Spanish. In Japan, the baby names for love are "Ai" and "Suki" and those also are defined as beloved. You will not find many references to the Japanese name meaning of Amada online. However, it is likely that the name Amada is associated with the town of Yamada in the Gunma Prefecture of Japan where Hiromi Amada is from.

4. A motor speedway with spicy love

In India, there is a speedway that sends Scandinavians some mixed messages of love. In Scandinavian languages, Kari means "dear", "valued", or "loved". Over in India, they did not name Kari Motor Speedway in order to have a place directly named for love and entice Scandinavians to race there. Instead, in India the word "Kari" means "spiced sauce" and is typically called "curry" today.

The Indian definition of "Kari" certainly describes a race car's actions with more accuracy. Despite this, the speedway is not entirely love-less. In fact, their Facebook page says that it was named in loving honor for "Late Shri. S. Karivardhan or 'KARI' as he was affectionately known."

5. If you love the sound of Thor

If you have a classy name like Torrin or Torrun, then you are one of many instances of saluting Thor. This Norse god had a grip on the minds of Scandinavians for centuries until they decided to switch to Christianity. The name Torun means "loved by Thor". Currently, there is a place that sounds a lot like the mighty hammer of Thor and it carries this name.

However, FIM Toruń Motor Speedway in Poland is named after the town of Toruń and not Thor. Although it is disputed, the centuries-old meaning of Toruń is simply "town on the track". For this reason, it makes sense that there is a racetrack in this track-prone town.

6. People love a good victory

People love Princeton Tigers coach Milena Flores. Little do they know that this women's basketball assistant coach's name first name is Russian for "the people's love". Could this name have secretly lured the team to follow her to victory? So far, their 64-22 record the past three years says that sometimes a little devotion to winning is definitely a good thing.

7. For those that ultimately love Frisbee

If your passions include playing Frisbee in the park with lots of people, keep this little known fact in mind. In Lincoln, Neb., they have a strange hold on disc love. Their team, the Lincoln Ultimate Disc Association, is often called LUDA.

Of course, in Russian, the name Luda means "the love of the people". Sponsorship by the Nebraska Lottery shows that the people of Lincoln do indeed take their love of disc-throwing passionately.

8. Do you Fila any love for sports?

In Persian, Fila is a name that means "lover". Naturally, this sports apparel must raise an eyebrow when it is sold in the country of Iran. For this reason, you can surprise your Iranian date with Fila fashion and doubly emphasize how you feel about them. After all, anyone that wears Fila shoes and clothing is technically a Persian lover.

9. The most lovely sports anchor

In Los Angeles, KTTV Fox 11 Liz Habib has a lovely secret. In Arabic, this sports reporter's name means "the loved one". If you think the name Habib is rare, think again. Throughout the Middle East, you will hear songs that tell their Valentine's Day style of love for their habibi or habibiti. In some parts of the Persian Gulf, grandchildren will affectionately call their grannie by the name "Bee Bee" (short for habibiti).

10. Daryll, Darryl and my other brother Darrell

The name Daryll means "dearly loved" and it gives a glimpse into the extreme adoration these three Darrells get from their admirers. After all, Darryl Strawberry of the New York Mets dominated MLB headlines throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s, and still has the hearts of fans.

Also, Darrell Waltrip is a NASCAR legend and capturing the hearts of spectators extends to Junior. Finally, Darrell Griffith of the Utah Jazz was referred to as the NBA rookie that gave the "Jazz their pizzazz."

In the end, we learn that there are many mysterious shades to love in the sports world and sometimes we just need these mixed messages clearly spelled out for us in order to feel their magic.

Maryam Louise started writing about the strange things people do as an Anthropology undergraduate at the University of Louisville in 1995. Since then, she has been a bike courier and long-time fan of service dog training, weird sports, winter sports, sustainable commuting, low-impact fitness, disability sports medicine, physical therapy, the ParaOlympics, sports for low-vision people, yacht racing, US Military athletes, and all aspects of the horse racing industry.