Here are the top 10 toys Irish kids are asking Santa for this Christmas

Michael Freeman

Santa claus has revealed what most Irish kids are asking him for this year, via his elf assistants.

An Post’s chief elf Nollaig – who handled deliveries to the North Pole from Ireland – has come into possession of a full top 10 list from the letters sent by Irish kids.

The list – seen by – is topped by Lego, with elves describing the classic toy as “mega popular” in 2013. Here’s the top five:

Source: bdesham

2. Vouchers / money

Source: robertsharp

3. Anything and everything to do with One Direction – CDs, calendars, posters, t-shirts


4. Xbox games

Source: ryumu

5. Moshi monsters

Source: JeepersMedia

Dolls and toolboxes are also popular, Nollaig said.

Santa will be replying to more than 130,000 children in Ireland this year. He has been receiving letters since July, Nollaig explained – although in some years they start in March and April.

Some extremely good kids even write thank-you letters to Santa after Christmas, which are also handled by An Post en route to the Arctic.

Nollaig said there is still time to write to Santa this year, but urged children to post their letters immediately.

They must address the letter to Santa Claus, the North Pole; fix a 60c stamp on the top right of the envelope; print their name and address in the top left corner; and post the letter in any green An Post box.

Here’s the full top 10:

  • Vouchers or money
  • One Direction merchandise
  • Xbox games
  • Moshi monsters
  • Furbies
  • A ‘surprise’
  • iPhones and iPod touches
  • Harry Potter
  • Thomas the Tank Engine

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