The top 100 most popular baby names leaves many baffled online

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As influencers ponder over baby names like 'Scholar-Piano' and 'Traveller', one might be curious about what the top 100 list holds. Well thanks to the US Social Security department, the most popular names of 2023 has been revealed and sparked quite a bit of chatter online.

Before revealing the chart-toppers, it's worth noting that not much has changed since 2022. Parents seem to be sticking with familiar names year after year, with one name reportedly holding the top spot for seven consecutive years, reports the Mirror.

Surprisingly, this name is Liam, with an impressive 20,802 babies being given this name in 2023 alone. On the girls' side, Olivia remained the most popular choice, maintaining its number one position for an incredible five years.

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Much like 2022, Noah, Oliver and James took second, third and fourth places for boys, while Emma, Charlotte and Amelia did so for girls. Interestingly, only one name changed in the top ten for both genders - Mateo, which came in at number six for boys,

Further down the list, things got a bit more intriguing. Genesis remarkably claimed the 57th spot among girls, while Isla and Nova ranked 33rd and 34th. On the other hand, Maverick, Waylon and Axel were surprisingly popular choices for boys, ranking 37th, 62nd and 72nd respectively. Gael and Allison just made it into the charts, both securing the 100th spot on the boys and girls lists.

The results have sparked a lively debate on X, with users eagerly sharing their opinions on each name. One user said: "These names sound like randomly generated elite mobs from the Diablo series."

Another said: "Have a friend naming her daughter Newt," while another added: "It's hard enough as it is saying the ridiculous names and spelling of the names that my generation gave their children."

One person believed the charts reflected the popularity of Netflix's Bridgerton series. This follows claims by nursery retailer Kiddies Kingdom that Bridgerton has significantly influenced baby-naming trends in the UK, after analysing two years of government data.

Names such as Colin, Eloise, and Daphne have become more popular, with Daphne experiencing a notable 51 per cent increase in England and Wales from 2020 to 2021. Speaking previously, Kirsty Carroll, a parenting expert at the company, said: "A baby's name is one of the first gifts they get, so it's no surprise that many parents put so much time and effort into finding the right one. Choosing names inspired by favourite TV characters, meaningful places, or beloved family members are all excellent choices."

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