Top 20 most searched terms on mobile devices 2012

The Yahoo! list of most searched for items on mobile devices provides a glimpse into the newsmakers and stories that captured the attention in 2012.

Our list of searched for mobile terms reflects the daily search habits of users and highlights the top stories and trends based on what millions of people in the UK searched for.

The list contains many of the same terms as the 'news' list, but reflects how smartphones are used by many to catch sport news and celeb updates on the move.

The likes of 'Premier League', 'Liverpool FC', and 'Manchester United' all featured in the top five, along with 'Leeds United', 'Wimbledon', 'Euro 2012' and 'Chelsea FC'.

1.    Olympics
2.    iPhone 5
3.    Premier League
4.    Liverpool FC
5.    Manchester United
6.    Fifty Shades of Grey
7.    April Jones
8.    Euro 2012
9.    Wimbledon
10.    Leeds United
11.    Kate Middleton
12.    Chelsea FC
13.    Prince Harry
14.    Celebrity Big Brother
15.    iPad
16.    Whitney Houston
17.    Rihanna
18.    Kim Kardashian
19.    Big Brother
20.    Eastenders

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