Top-5 best NFL futures heading into the season

Frank Schwab gives you his best 5 wagers heading into the 2022 NFL football season.

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FRANK SCHWAB: Welcome to Yahoo Sportsbook Daily. It is Friday, July 8, 2022. And I'm your betting guide, Frank Schwab. Today, look, there's not much to bet on, right? We got a little bit of golf, a little bit of tennis, baseball. So we're just going to go NFL, right? That's what we want to bet on. We are going to look at my top five futures that I have already played for the 2022 season.


And let's get right into it. I really like the New York Jets over 5 and 1/2 wins. And I hear you, the Jets, they stink. Zach Wilson. But this is a team, they're very young. They just had a very, very good draft. They got arguably the best cornerback, receiver, running back in this draft class and also a pretty good pass rusher at the end of the first round.

This seems to me like the type of team that could come along very, very quickly. I get it. Tough schedule. All that's baked into the price though. 5 and 1/2 wins, not too high of a bar to cross. And I think this Jets team is going to surprise some people.

Let's keep the positive vibes going because I like another over on a team nobody likes, and that's the Detroit Lions. I really like the Lions over 6 and 1/2 wins. They finished last season very well. We all remember how poorly they started. They were well into November without a win, but they got that win, they got on a little bit of a roll. This team played really hard for Dan Campbell.

They lost a lot of close games. And I always usually think that switches around. That bad luck doesn't follow you year to year. Close game luck is going to improve for the Detroit Lions. They're going to win a few more games. And this is a team that has a lot of talent. They've really added to the offensive side of the ball. Defense should start to come around. Aidan Hutchinson, I thought, was a perfect pick for what they're trying to build. So I really do like the Lions to have a breakthrough this year. 6 and 1/2 wins, again, not too high of a bar to cross.

And part of this, I'm going to correlate it. The Chicago Bears, I'm going to pick them to finish in last place, and I'm going to bet that. I think the Bears take a big step back this year. They didn't do a lot to help Justin Fields. I think they're in a multi-year rebuild whereas I think the Lions are going to pass them. They'll finish third, maybe even second in that NFC North. But anyway, I'm taking the Lions over 6 and 1/2. And throw a little bit on the Bears to finish last place.

Let's move on and keep the positive vibes rolling because I love the Los Angeles Chargers this year. Yeah, I know, I fall for this every year. I have lost probably a tuition payment in betting on the Chargers year after year after year. But I really think this could be a year they have a huge breakthrough. Obviously, it starts with Justin Herbert. Great quarterback. We've already seen that. He could win an MVP this year. Nobody would be surprised at all.

But it's the guys around him. The Chargers were smart in the offseason. They said, hey, we got Justin Herbert. He's going to have to get that mega extension soon. We have some cap space. Let's get aggressive. They added to their defense. They added JC Jackson, a cornerback, Khalil Mack, a defensive end. Did they overpay for those guys? Absolutely, they did, but it doesn't matter because they had the surplus with Justin Herbert still on his rookie deal. That's the way to go.

Look, it's hard in that AFC West. The Chiefs are still there. The Broncos, obviously, have Russell Wilson. Even the Raiders, they were a playoff team last year, and they got Davante Adams. So it's not going to be an easy road for the Chargers, but I just believe in this talent yet again. Prove me right once, Chargers. It would be nice to cash a ticket on you after all these years of believing in you and your talent on that roster.

I'm gonna stay in Los Angeles for my number four best future bet that I've made so far, and that's Cooper Kupp to win the receiving title. It's plus 750 right now. He's a favorite at BetMGM. And I get it, it's hard to bet a favorite in a field like this. But Cooper Kupp was 331 yards better than any other receiver last year. Justin Jefferson, he's going to have a great year. Davante Adams might blow up with the Raiders, get 200 targets.

But you can have a lot of regression from Cooper Kupp, and he's still the best receiver in football. Again, lop off 300 yards off of what he did last year, he would still lead the NFL in receiving yards. We talk so much, especially in fantasy circles, about regression, regression, regression, and it really puts people off the scent of a really good player who could regress and still be the best in the league at what he does. I admit there's a lot of good receivers out there, but we know Matthew Stafford loves Cooper Kupp. He was good in almost every single game the Rams played last year.

Stafford's going to keep going to Kupp. McVay is going to keep calling his number. I don't have any problem with taking the favorite in this field because Cooper Kupp at plus 750, I think that's mispriced. I think it should be more plus 400, plus 500 because he was so far and away the receiving leader last year. I think there's still some value there, even though he is the favorite in that field.

And let's finish it up with one team planting my flag on this year, and that is the Baltimore Ravens. I'm going to start with Lamar Jackson. Wrote about him this week for Yahoo. I think at 20 to 1 for him to win MVP is the best value on that field. Lamar Jackson is the one guy in the NFL you can realistically say right now-- who's going to rush for 1,000 yards and pass for 4,000? Well, it's Lamar Jackson. And maybe Hurts does it, maybe somebody else, but we know Lamar Jackson has that upside.

People looked at him last year like he had a down season. In some ways, he did. A lot of interceptions, all that. But he was still on pace for well over 4,000 yards passing, well over 1,000 yards rushing. This is who Lamar Jackson is. We've just gotten a little bored with him, right? There's this Lamar Jackson fatigue.

But we forget just a few years ago, he unanimously won MVP. He's still the same player. He's in his physical prime. I know he doesn't have a lot of receivers to work with, but maybe that means more rushing yards, more rushing touchdowns. He's going to put up some huge numbers, and I think the Baltimore Ravens win this division.

I'll get to that right now because I like the Ravens to win the division at plus 150. Obviously, the Browns have their issues. Bengals, maybe they regress a little bit. Steelers really aren't in contention. So this is pretty much correlated. If the Ravens win this division and you're cashing that plus 150 ticket, that means the Ravens have put up a good record and getting a lot of buzz.

Lamar Jackson is going to put up those numbers. So him at 20 to 1 to win MVP-- there are nine guys ahead of him in the MVP odds. That's crazy to me. There are not nine guys who have a better chance to win MVP than Lamar Jackson. He's going to have a good year, going to put up eye-popping stats. The Ravens are going to bounce back.

And I'll even add one for you. Sprinkle a little bit on the Ravens 20 to 1 to win the Super Bowl. They will bounce back. They got really unlucky last year, injuries, close losses late in the season. That's going to change. John Harbaugh always has this team in contention. Like what they did in the offseason. Like what they have coming back from injury and otherwise. This is a really, really good Ravens team, led by Lamar Jackson. You're gonna want as much of the Ravens as you can this season.

So let's recap really quick. I'm high on the Jets over 5 and 1/2 wins. Hey, look, 6 and 11 season cashes you that ticket. Also like the Lions over 6 and 1/2. A little bit on the Bears finish last place. That's correlated there. Chargers win the AFC West at plus 250. Really like Cooper Kupp to win a receiving title at plus 750 because even regression, he's still the best receiver in football yardage-wise.

And then a lot of Ravens stuff. Lamar to win MVP at 20 to 1. Ravens win the division at plus 150. And a little bit on the Ravens to win the Super Bowl at 20 to 1. You can follow me on Twitter over at YahooSchwab and follow all of our content over at YahooSportsbook.

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One scheduling note, we're going on hiatus. Hopefully, be back by the football season here at Yahoo Sportsbook Daily. So until then, good luck and happy betting.

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