Take Me Out Top 5 moments: From Paddy McGuinness trying to escape to reuniting exes

Emma Powell
No likey, no lighty: Take Me Out matchmaker Paddy McGuinness: ITV / Thames / Fremantle

When Cilla Black hung up her Cupid's bow and arrow, all hope of watching romance blossom over our Saturday night takeaways was lost.

The familiar comfort of "our Graham", the cheesy chat-up lines and the thrill of waiting to see if marriage was on the cards after a free holiday were snatched away, leaving us with a loveless gaping hole in our TV schedules.

But Bolton boy Paddy McGuinness was waiting in the wings to continue Black's matchmaking with the flirty 30 and a slew of single men.

He told us to "let the hanky see the panky" and taught us the mantra "no likey, no lighty" in a bid to bring romance back to Saturday night TV.

With the show gearing up to celebrate it's 10th series, we've rounded up the top five moments from awkward reunions to embarrassing blackouts. Who said romance was dead?

1. ‘Disastrous’ Damion Merry doesn’t know when to stop

There’s digging yourself into a hole – and then there’s drowning in a black hole which is exactly what Damion Merry did when he offended the flirty 30 again, and again… and again.

The model from Weston-super-Mare narrowly survived a blackout after his friend revealed he once dated Jodie Marsh – but we can’t help thinking a rejection would have been easier than the excruciating minutes to follow which saw him tell brunette Lucy he would have chosen her, before trying to convince blonde-haired Emma that he prefers blondes. On picking his final two he declared he had “no choice”. He was then left with Chelsea after Steph’s neighbour turned her light off – but to top it all off he called Chelsea ‘Lucy’ in his post-show VT.

2. Woman spots Tinder date – calls him out for ghosting her

McGuinness was left running for the love lift as one male contestant was shamed on Saturday night TV. Belfast-born Seaneen called out an unsuspecting Leslie for ghosting her on Tinder in a “hashtag awks” encounter. After stepping out of the love lift, McGuinness asked why she turned her light off, to which she said: “Are you on Tinder, Leslie? I know you’re on Tinder!” As if that wasn’t toe-curling enough, she then revealed: “He didn’t write back.”

3. Woman goes on date with her ex-boyfriend to rekindle love

There’s nothing like starring on Take Me Out to rekindle your romance. When Looci Sohma spotted her ex Nick Knight she quickly reminded him that they were exes – yes, really he looked confused – before he chose to take her to Fernandos. But it was far from a honeymoon break with the former lovers soon remembering why they broke up in the first place. They both went their separate ways, which for Nick meant trying it on with Alicia who was his Love at First Light.

4. Emma Walton stacks it down the stairs

Embarrassment is the kryptonite of dating, so we all felt for Emma Walton when she stacked it down the stairs. The singleton tripped over her heels and tumbled to the bottom before screaming: “Why me?” McGuinness attempted chivalry by carrying her to her podium – but her skirt hoisted up to flash more than she was hoping to.

5. Whyte Richardson loses 25 out of 30 lights after introducing himself

It wasn’t all ‘Whyte’ on the night for singleton Whyte Richardson after he left the flirty 30 grimacing at his unusual look. It was a real case of no likey, no lighty as the Brighton-based musician stepped out from the love lift to a grand introduction from McGuinness, only to have 25 girls switch their lights off immediately.