Top 5 places in Oxford city centre to get sweet treats

Ice cream <i>(Image: Canva)</i>
Ice cream (Image: Canva)

If you are roaming through Oxford’s city centre and find yourselves craving a sweet fix, here are five top places to visit to seal the deal

1. Endorphins Dessert Café

At the top end of the Oxford High Street close to the Westgate shopping centre, Endorphins is a colourful dessert place and café which specialises in Asian fusion desserts. They are the first café in Oxford which specialises in serving Bingsu (shaved ice) and Taro Ball Desserts. It has both upstairs and downstairs seating and is dog friendly.

Oxford Mail: Endorphins just before it opened
Oxford Mail: Endorphins just before it opened

Endorphins just before it opened (Image: Newsquest)2. Ben’s Cookies

Another ideal sport for a quick sweet fix to have on the go is Ben’s Cookies, tucked away in the Covered Market in Oxford’s city centre. Opened in the Oxford Market in 1984, this Ben’s Cookies shop was the first of its kind, and it still goes strong today as new shops have opened across the UK and around the world. You will definitely need more than one to satisfy your craving for cookies.

3. Ole and Steen

Ole and Steen is located in the Westgate shopping centre, and is known famously for their handmade Danish pastries, especially their Cinnamon Roll. Good to have while browsing around shops or can be enjoyed in the café along with a warming hot beverage.

Oxford Mail: Ole and Steen
Oxford Mail: Ole and Steen

Ole and Steen 4. Doughnut Time

Doughnut Time is a small set up at the Westgate shopping centre entrance and offers an array of doughnuts in an exciting variety of colours and flavours.

Oxford Mail: Doughnut Time
Oxford Mail: Doughnut Time

Doughnut Time Their doughnuts are freshly made and can be sold individually, or you can select a wild collection of different kinds to share with friends and family.

5. G&D’s (George and Davis)

Oxford’s centre has two G&D cafes located on Little Clarendon Street and St Aldate's. If you need an ice cream fix, then you're in the right place as you can choose from all kinds of flavours from Belgian chocolate to blueberry lemonade sorbet. Ideal to have on a hot summers day or after a dinner outing in town.