French govt to consult over motorbike road tests after court order

Paris to charge motorbikes for parking from September

PARIS (Reuters) -France government said on Monday it would hold consultations on introducing roadworthiness tests for motorbikes, after the country's highest administrative court ordered it to phase in such inspections in line with European Union regulations.

A 2014 EU directive required member states to impose periodic technical inspections for motorbikes with engines bigger than 125 cc from 2022. But France dragged its heels on introducing the measure - a position that environmental groups challenged in court.

In a ruling published on Monday, the State Council ordered the state to set up an inspection scheme, permitting its gradual introduction by age of vehicle.

Transport Minister Clement Beaune said the government took note of the Council's ruling, which did not however mean that motorcycle inspections would start immediately.

It would consult soon with all involved parties to determine what measures to put in place, he said in a statement.

The council has repeatedly ruled against the government for failing to uphold its environmental commitments. This month, it ordered the state to pay two 10 million euro ($9.75 million) fines for failing to improve air quality in major cities.

(Reporting by GV De Clercq; editing by John Stonestreet)