Top Five Greatest New York Giants of All Time

From Lawrence Taylor to Eli Manning and Phil Simms to Tiki Barber, the New York Giants have been producing Hall of Famers for over half a century. The seven-time world champion Football Giants came into the league in 1925 and won their first pre-Super Bowl era title in 1927. Then, the Giants would go on to win three more NFL championships and another three Super Bowls, two of which were led by the greatest defensive player in league history, L.T.. All the while, Giants Stadium and now MetLife Stadium have served as the breeding grounds for football legends.

Below you will find five of the greatest New York Giants ever to proudly boast the blue and red:

5. Harry Carson

* 1986 Super Bowl champion

* 9-time Pro Bowl selection

* 6-time All-Pro selection

* 2-time NFC Linebacker of the Year

4. Sam Huff

* Ranked as the 93rd best player in NFL history by

* 5-time Pro Bowl selection

* First NFL player to appear on the cover of Time Magazine

* Played in six NFL championship games

3. Michael Strahan

* Ranked as the 99th best player in NFL history by

* 2-time NFC champion

* 7-time Pro Bowl selection

* 2001 NFL Defensive Player of the Year

2. Emlen Tunnel

* Ranked as the 79th best player in NFL history by

* 2-time NFL world champion

* 9-time Pro Bowl selection

* 8-time All-Pro selection

1. Lawrence Taylor

* Ranked as the 3rd best player in NFL history by

* 2-time Super Bowl champion

* 1986 NFL MVP

* 3-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year

* 10-time Pro Bowl selection

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