Top Five Romantic Workouts for Couples

When couples workout together, they are strengthening their bodies and their relationship.

Couples who exercise together become closer. Cain Carroll, yoga guru and co-author of Partner Yoga (Rodale) says, "Partner workouts require you to pay attention to each other. It's a wholesome way to relate to another person."

In addition, working out as a couple means you will both be in good shape. When you and your partner are both physically fit, benefits will be seen in the bedroom. "All that exercise is good for your libido. Studies show that men and women who exercise report better and more frequent sex with their partners," says Nicole Nichols, certified fitness instructor and fitness coach for

Are you ready to workout with your partner? If so, try these top five romantic workouts.

#1 Take dance lessons

Taking ballroom dance lessons with your lover is one of the most romantic workouts there is. Dancing is sensual, and couples have physical contact with each other while they are learning the Latin waltz, rumba or mambo. After the lessons are over, continue dancing at home.

#2 Go paddle boating or canoeing

Paddle boating or canoeing can be very romantic when it is just you and your partner on the serene water. Pack a lunch to eat if you go paddle boating, and include healthy items, such as strawberries, that you can feed each other for added romance.

#3 Jogging and a picnic lunch

Jogging with your mate at a park can be very captivating, especially if you pack a picnic lunch to enjoy together after the workout. Be sure to pack a blanket to sit on. If the weather is cold, pack an extra blanket to snuggle up under while you enjoy each other's company and lunch.

Kick the romance up a notch by showering together when you get home.

#4 Enjoy a trail walk

Trail walks are very romantic because it is just you, your partner and nature. Walk fast for a cardiovascular workout, then slow things down and hold hands with your significant other. Take time to stop, so you can enjoy the scenery and each other. You may consider bringing your camera to capture pictures of your significant other and yourself together.

#5 Swim laps together

Swim laps with your sweetheart, and enjoy the hot tub afterwards. Couples who swim together get the pleasure of seeing each other in their swimsuits, which is very visually arousing. In addition, swimming will provide you with a full body workout, so you will look better in your swimsuit over time.

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