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Jay Kay - Odds: 25/1

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    Guy Martin, great personality, good sense of humour, with the right amount of irreverence and love of motoring! and a huge plus point! not an egomaniac needing a posse of sycophants to constantly reassure him!
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    Oh him again
    Why do you need to replace him? There's 5 presenters already; do you really need another?
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    I have a better idea, why not replace what is left of Top Gear with a better program?
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    People should just accept that Top Gera is finished. It had its era, it was great and it is now gone. The BBC should make another programme without the baggage that the title Top Gear brings. Clarkson Hammond and May were Top Gear.
    Sadly the BBC made the mother of all bad business decisions in sacking Clarkson. Live with it BBC and move on. The three Top Gear amigos have so why can't you ?
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    No. 1 Mickey Mouse, No.2 Donald Duck, No.3 Adolf Hitler, No.4 Bugs Bunny, No.5 THE ROAD RUNNER ?, No.6 Daffy Duck, No.7 Goofy, No.8 The Marx brothers, No.9 The Krankies, No. 10 JEREMY CLARKSON, No.11 THE HAMSTER and No. 12 CAPTAIN SLOW !!!
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    The BBC still haven't got the message. Jesus Christ himself couldn't save the programme.

    It worked with Clarkson, Hammond and May because of a lot of hard work and chemistry which took years to "mature".

    I was watching some really old Top Gear episodes the other day and some of it wasn't nearly as funny as later on. It was a bit like a band that hadn't really played enough together.

    The BBC should admit defeat and stop wasting our licence money.
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    Another Jeremy comes to mind. Corbyn. At last a role for which he is suited.
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    The problem with Chris Evans on Top Gear is that he wanted to be the star of the show, and that is something that Clarkson and co never did. The self-deprecating humour was the thing that brought it to life and the way that they were happy to be ridiculed by their colleagues was the essence of the show - dont take yourself too seriously.

    Guy Martin would be a good person to have on there - bit of a james may type (engineer and technical knowhow) but a lot faster, as would Jenson Button (could fill the Hammond role of excited energizer bunny) but as the lead-out presenter, Matt Le Blanc has done quite well, so i wouldnt throw him out with the bath water.

    The show needs witty, intelligent presenters who like to act like kids and have fun in cars - so no room for massive ego's.

    Oh, and change the dull format for the stars in the clapped out mini bit - its boring and very repetitive
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    Carpetwise Ltd
    Philip Genister providing the acid tongued wit and Jenson as the pro would be good. Otherwise just scrap the project !
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    How about replacing him with Jeremy Clarkson, Hammond and the longhaired slow driving one?