Top Gear Lego Technic rally car lets you become The Stig (Anthony Alaniz)
Lego Technic Top Gear GT Rally Car

It’s radio-controlled, too!

Last month, Lego and BBC’s Top Gear, the iconic British motoring show, announced they were partnering to develop new automotive-inspired Lego sets. The announcement said customers should expect the new sets next year, but that’s not entirely true. Today, Lego Technic announced its first Top Gear-branded set – the Top Gear GT Rally Car – and it’s set to go on sale at the end of December.  

Build these while you're waiting:

Top Gear and the toymaker partnered to co-create the vehicle, aiming to develop an ultra-realistic rally car. The Top Gear GT Rally Car does not disappoint with its Group B-inspired shape, wild sticker package, and more. The big rear spoiler, chunky tyres, and hatchback-like appearance scream classic rally car.

But that’s not all this Lego Technic creation can do. The completed rally car is also radio-controlled. The kit comes with one large battery, one extra-large battery, and one Bluetooth-controlled smart hub. Builders can operate the car through the Lego Technic Control+ smartphone app, which features multi-touch control, forward and reverse, gyro control, steering, and more, including challenges and achievements.  

Lego Technic kits are your standard Lego set taken to the extreme with more, versatile parts, complex builds, and other features that raise the necessary skill level. Lego Technic sets often feature working engines, transmissions, and differentials, too. The Lego Technic Top Gear set features 463 Lego pieces and is designed for children ages 9 and up.  

When Lego and BBC announced their partnership, it wasn’t clear what cars would receive the Top Gear/Lego treatment. We also don’t know how many different types of Top Gear-branded Lego sets we’ll receive. This could move beyond replicating production cars available today. Maybe the two will partner on a car that highlights one of the show’s iconic specials. Or maybe we’ll just get crazy Top Gear-like creations to enjoy. The Top Gear GT Rally Car goes on sale globally on December 26 for £124.99.