Top Gear shares first photo of new presenting trio

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    Why not get nadiya hussein in - the bbc seems obsessed with getting this talentless pariah into every programme on. I spend hours trying to find programmes that aren't all about asians. I have given up on the news. Why can't we have english programmes with english people? I am sure if I went to india the programmes wouldn't be hosted predominantly by English people
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    James B
    "The BBC has obviously been doing some serious brainstorming on how to follow Chris Evans’ departure from Top Gear"

    It's just a shame that they didn't do some serious brainstorming BEFORE employing CE and then we wouldn't have had to put up with him for a series and the show would still have some credibility

    oh well
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    El Cynic
    Two million for LeBlanc. TWO million and they have the nerve to literally tax the British public at nearly £150 a year. Has anyone told LeBlanc that people have to actually give their taxes so he can talk about cars they'll very likely never be able to afford.

    I dont know who the other two are (beyond what I just read on Wikipedia) and I have absolutely no wish to watch them either.
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    I've said it once before and I will say it again...Matt Leblanc does not belong on British Top Gear! He should be presenting the US version of the show, where his annoying American accent will not be out of place. Are the BBC really unable to find a British personality that would fit the bill better? What a total waste of 2 miilion quids worth of licence payers money!
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    The problem is that the people who dream up these programmes have free rein with casting and costs and they probably take the view," it's not my money so why should I worry" !
    That Le Blance is being paid two million quid per annum is ludicrous but that may explain why he has that inane laugh creasing his ugly mug all the time.
    I also bet the ginger minger walked away with full trouser pockets !!

    It's about time somebody organized a root and branch reform of the BBC and weeded out all the dead wood, time servers, and politically correct goons who were planted in all levels of the BBC by Blair and his cronies !
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    Frankly, if these comments are representative of Top Gear fans the BBC will never be able to do right for doing wrong. The Chris Evans series wasn't even into the 2nd episode before the insults came. It is always hard to take over from already established presenters with a large fanbase. I don't blame him for resigning at all. If the Clarkson fanbase stopped playing at being keyboard warriors and took their small minded viewing habits to whichever channel he is now on, maybe the rest of us could enjoy watching Top Gear move in a different direction.
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    Well they certainly won't be any worse than shouting Evans!
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    Oh dear, why bother? That ship has sailed (up the Amazon)
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    bbc are utter idiots total left wing morons with their political correct garbage.
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    DJ Teknovibe
    Top Gear will NEVER be as entertaining as it was when Hammond, Clarkson and May were the presenters, I think we can all agree on that.