Top reasons for people claiming travel insurance as holidaymakers urged to sort cover before leaving UK

New research from Go.Compare travel insurance has revealed the most common reasons people claim on their insurance policy, with transport delays topping the list. The data has revealed of the travel insurance claims made in the past year, more than a third (34%) included money back due to transport delays, and three-in-10 (30%) claimed to help cover the cost of medical treatment abroad.

Lost baggage was the third most common reason travellers made a claim, with 26 per cent saying they had done so. The research also found while the majority of jet-setters (76%) secured travel insurance before their holiday, a fifth of people (21%) didn’t bother, with nearly half of uninsured travellers (47%) saying they didn’t think they needed it.

Rhys Jones, travel insurance spokesperson for Go.Compare, said: “With stories hitting the news recently about uninsured travellers facing eye-watering medical costs, it goes without saying that travel insurance could be an important safety net.”

He added: “Travel insurance can protect you against a range of other unexpected costs too, depending on the scope of your policy.

“Purchasing a travel insurance policy the moment you book a trip will give you peace of mind that if any of your travel arrangements don’t go to plan whether in the airport or while you are away, you won’t be left out of pocket.

“With cover starting at 91p per day, a travel insurance policy might be cheaper than you think - so it’s always worth taking a look before your trip. Whether it’s a two-week beach vacation, a long weekend away or a business trip, we always recommend using a comparison site to look at all the options available, as the cover offered by each policy will vary - as well as the prices.”

He also urged people to check the small print before buying and to keep the details handy after you leave, just in case you do need to make a claim.

Most common reason for people claiming on their travel insurance

  • Transport delays - 34%

  • Medical costs / expenses - 30%

  • Lost baggage - 26%

  • Theft / loss of belongings - 23%

  • Cancellation - 22%

  • Missed departure - 17%

  • Winter sports - 11%

For more information about travel insurance, visit the Go.Compare website here.