Top searches 2011 - Celebrities

In the UK, we love to follow the antics of both our favourite and most loathed celebrities. Former glamour model Katie Price, who seems to go through more men than we've had hot dinners, was the most searched celebrity of 2011. Miss Price took the top spot away from last year's most searched celebrity Cheryl Cole.

The lovely Chezza had a shaky year especially when she was booted out of the US version of 'X Factor' while rumours of her rekindling her romance with love rat husband Ashley Cole spiralled out of control. The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton inspired us with her stunning sartorial choices and Imogen Thomas became the centre of attention when she kissed and told on Ryan Giggs.

Included in the most searched celeb list are US reality TV star Kim Kardashian, who got divorced as quickly as she got married and Amy Winehouse whose untimely death shocked the nation.

Here are the most searched celebrities of 2011

1) Katie Price
2) Cheryl Cole
3) Kate Middleton
4) Imogen Thomas
5) Pippa Middleton
6) Amy Winehouse
7) Ryan Giggs
8) Victoria Beckham
9) Kim Kardashian
10) Rihanna

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