Top ten photo apps for summer


More photos are now taken on mobile phones than on dedicated cameras worldwide - with 300 million photos now uploaded to Facebook every day.

Apps such as Flickr now offer the chance to store and share high-quality photos - but others offer great effects, top-notch photo-editing and fast, easy ways to share.

Camera phone quality is improving too, with top-end models now more than a match for budget dedicated cameras.

Here are 10 apps to help you get the most from your phone's camera.

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Flickr - iOS/Android
Rival photo-storage apps often offer as little as 5GB to users - Flickr now offers a terabyte, enough for around 250,000 images stored at their original quality.Unlike its rivals, Flickr never forces you to compress your pictures to store them - its 1TB online storage is built to store pictures in high quality, exactly as they were taken.

ClassicBooth - iOS
The demise of photo booths on the high street is denying new generations the chance to squeeze as many of their friends into a tiny cubical and slot in a couple of quid in return for random, funny and often totally useless little square snaps. This free app replicates the results if not the same fun, especially the swivelling your mate around on that little chair to make them dizzy.

iMotionHD - iOS
Designed for iPhone and iPad, this time-lapse app gives you the ability to take a succession of images and then knit them together into a little movie. You can also pick out singular ones ensuring you never miss a moment of the action you're capturing. It can also be controlled remotely too.

iPhoto - iOS

Well worth the £2.99 cost, especially if you've got the software on a Mac computer too, this Apple app allows you to make basic edits to your photos such as brushing away red eye and organising all your snaps to find them easily. There's plenty of features for the price.

Comic Life - iOS
There's days of enjoyment to be had here. Turn your snaps into comic-style pages adding different types of text to bring each photo to life within a mini story. There's a range of templates, speech bubbles and effects and for £2.99 you can't really go wrong whether you're into manga, superheroes or traditional cartoons.

Instagram - iOS/Android
It's been around for a while and is now owned by Facebook but Instagram is still the best photo-sharing experience you can muster. Sign up for an account, take snaps through the iPhone or Android app and instantly tweet or post links to your snaps for anyone to see. You can add some filters too for different effects.

Analog Camera - iOS
Another filter-based and sharing app, this is a new edition to the virtual photography bag and is speedy and simple to use. You can crop pictures, fiddle with the focus, add animations and sounds and then send them on to social networks.

Snapchat - iOS/Android
Fast becoming the new talking point in the social space, Snapchat was already popular with teens who loved the fact it could be set to delete images once viewed by the recipient. It is now seeing plenty of sign-ups from adults and celebrities thus rendering it instantly uncool to those same teens who made it popular.

Adobe Photoshop Touch - iOS/Android

Based on the ever popular desktop photo-editing software, this slimmed down mobile version offers plenty of options for sorting out blemishes, lighting, over-exposure and other problems with the pictures you've shot. It's all controlled by touch making it easy to use.

Photogrid - iOS
Create clever collages of the images you shoot and then share them with friends on social media. This handy app can squeeze a few pictures into one, divided up by different shaped boxes containing each single pic. It's a great way to be creative with different themes based on this summer's big events.

Camera+ - iOS
Designed to make the most from the iPhone and iPad cameras, this snapping app allows you to control the exposure and focus as well as add different shooting modes such as burst for rapid shots of sport and a stabiliser for sharper snaps. There's also a self-timer, the ability to turn the iPhone's flash into a filler light and a grid to frame photos perfectly.