Top Ten Visionaries of Tomorrow

Top Ten Visionaries of Tomorrow <i>(Image: Getty Images)</i>
Top Ten Visionaries of Tomorrow (Image: Getty Images)

As the world races into an unpredictable future, the need for visionaries who can guide us towards a brighter tomorrow has never been greater.

In recognition of this, we are excited to unveil our latest feature article, "Top Visionaries of Tomorrow," showcasing the trailblazers and pioneers who are reshaping the landscape in 2023 and beyond.

It serves as an ode to human creativity, tenacity, and resolve, and salutes the potency of ground-breaking ideas and the courage to bring them to life. Most importantly, it is a rallying cry for all of us to become the change-makers needed for a more promising future. It is our hope that this feature will spark inspiration in our readers to embrace innovative thinking, take daring action, and chase their own ambitions to create a more prosperous world for all.

Digital Health


Rafael M. Lopes is an inspiring figure in the digital health industry, having founded BOLD Digital Health with a mission to increase healthcare equity for all. Overcoming personal challenges as an older, gay, first-generation Hispanic-American man has given him the resilience and fortitude to pave the way for others. BOLD Digital Health is a category-defining digital agency working at the intersection of digital healthcare innovation, health equity, and data analytics. The agency partners with healthcare and life-science organization clients to achieve patient-centered innovation practices that address healthcare disparities. BOLD Digital Health's collaborative of diverse professionals sets it apart. A significant percentage of the group’s team members identify as women, older adults, people of color, LGBTQ+, neurodivergent, or those with healthcare conditions. This diversity allows the agency to bring unique perspectives and insights into product design activities, ultimately enhancing client innovation, improving patient outcomes, expanding reach and lowering healthcare system costs.

Rafael M. Lopes' vision and commitment to improving health equity globally have been key drivers of BOLD Digital Health's early success. The company's Health Equity By Design approach to product innovation is making a tangible difference in the lives of vulnerable populations. BOLD Digital Health's growth is a clear indication of its commitment to advancing healthcare through innovative digital health solutions that improve patient experiences and save lives. By offering their digital expertise in service of humanity, BOLD Digital Health is bridging the gap between technology and healthcare while playing a crucial role in creating a more inclusive healthcare system.

Real Estate Development


Jack Guttman, real estate mogul and founder of The Glasshouses, is redefining the event planning space by recognizing the market potential of event venues as a new real estate asset class. With the event industry in the United States valued at approximately $5.6 billion in 2023 and growing at a rate of 4% per annum, Guttman sees the demand for newly built, privately owned event venues that meet the current needs of a new generation of event planners.

As an alternative to historically outdated existing facilities, Guttman's vision for new event venues includes state-of-the-art technology, luxury amenities, well-equipped kitchens, flexible floor plan designs, branding opportunities, and in-house audio-visual capabilities. With the event venue now considered a real estate asset class, Guttman's innovative approach has paved the way for a new industry that values not only revenue but also guest experience and providing a different kind of event space.

As the world continues to evolve and the event industry grows, Guttman's Event Space is poised to become a major player in the real estate and hospitality industries. With his innovative vision and passion for creating unforgettable experiences, Jack Guttman is a true innovator in the world of event planning and real estate.

Contemporary Artist


David Drebin's unique vision and innovative approach to creating multiple different art forms with a uniform visual language serve as an inspiration for the visionaries of tomorrow. His ability to capture emotion and tell a story through his limited edition artworks has earned him a reputation as one of the most influential contemporary artists of our time, inspiring young artists to think outside the box and push boundaries.

While Drebin's work has garnered attention from billionaire collectors worldwide, it's his ability to connect with a broader audience that truly sets him apart. His distinctive style resonates with art lovers of all ages and backgrounds, encouraging them to explore their own creativity and unique perspectives.

As the world looks to the future, young artists can look to Drebin's career as a testament to the power of perseverance and innovation. From commercial success to international acclaim, Drebin's career path serves as a reminder that there are no limits to what can be achieved with passion and hard work.

With the upcoming release of his latest monograph, "Flirting With Danger," Drebin continues to inspire the visionaries of tomorrow. As his work is displayed in exhibitions around the globe, it's clear that his legacy will continue to influence and shape the art world for generations to come.

J Lucky Henry


J. Lucky Henry is a dynamic leader in the real estate industry with just under a decade of experience, alongside his multilingual team, J. Lucky Team, powered by Generation Realty Group. Specializing in new construction and luxury real estate, the team sets itself apart with its worldwide reach, over 10 languages spoken, and social media presence. The J. Lucky Team is currently working on a record-breaking luxury development project called Tommy's Rock, set to launch in spring 2023.

Caroline Dinsmore

Caroline Wheaton Dinsmore is the founder of Caroline Dinsmore & Co. | Coldwell Banker Realty. Caroline and her team consistently rank as one of the leading real estate teams on the San Francisco Peninsula as well as nationally every year since 2013 per RealTrends.

Most recently, Caroline was honored to have been recognized as one of the Top 25 Realtors in the Bay Area per The San Francisco Business Times based on 2021 sales volume, as well as The Leading 100 Realtors per Luxe SF which encompasses all agents from the Carmel Valley through the Wine Country.

John Teakell


John Teakell has a focused criminal law and securities background with over 20 years of court room experience. He has a thorough knowledge of both federal and state crimes and both federal and state court systems. He has handled thousands of cases ranging from misdemeanors to federal death penalty cases. There is no case too complex for Mr. Teakell to manage. During his time as being a criminal defense attorney, he has not only obtained impeccable results but has also gained respect from fellow defense attorneys and prosecutors as well as many of the judges in both the state and federal courts. He has focused his practice on white collar crimes, drug crimes, violent crimes, sex crimes, and SEC suits.



From winning the prestigious title of Miss India America 2020 to becoming the youngest inductee into the Fairfax County Public Schools Hall of Fame, Shriya Boppana has consistently proven herself as a thought leader in the youth leadership space. Her diverse achievements, ranging from activism to content creation, have garnered attention from media outlets such as ABC, Fox 5, and Flaunt Magazine. As a Youth Ambassador for organizations like She's the First, The UN Foundation, and the Malala Fund, Boppana's dedication to gender and sex crime activism has established her as a genuine advocate and role model for young women.

Shriya Boppana's personal journey as an immigrant and a child of immigrants has fueled her intrinsic motivation to succeed and give back to the community. By leveraging her experiences, she has become a prominent voice on topics like the death penalty and post-Covid higher education, with her opinions regularly published in the Wall Street Journal. From hosting her own show ‘ Becoming a Voice with Shriya Boppana’ on Fox 5 Plus highlighting social justice causes, to busting black market sex trafficking rings undercover in rural India, Boppana hoards an impressive track record of fighting for the next generation.

She has protested against the Westboro Baptist Church's anti-gay legacy, created Title IX initiatives with Pittsburgh's Sexual Assault and Rape Violence organization, hosted the first Carnegie Mellon University LGBTQ+ open house, and brought the National Women's Business Council to support the Tepper Women in Business organization. In 2021 alone, Boppana was invited to host a workshop at the 2021 United Nations Foundation’s Girl Up Leadership Summit, joined the US Department of Justice’s DC Human Trafficking Task Force, teamed up with famous actress, Brooke Shields, to take over her Instagram page (with a following of 1.3 million) to raise awareness for sexual health education for the #GirlsGetLoud Campaign, and partnered with the popular beauty brand, Bobbi Brown, for their Pretty Powerful Campaign. She was also the featured representative in the She's The First charity livestream by acclaimed authors, John and Hank Green, in 2022.

In parallel, Boppana interned with the Nickelodeon and AwesomenessTV casting team and her work ensuring representation of 50% non-White, LGBTQ+ and/or non-cisgender casts in reality TV was featured on the Malala Fund’s publication, Assembly.

Bachpan Save the Innocence in India partners with Boppana to hold sexual assault clinics. Programs include teaching children about safe and unsafe touch, consent and puberty, digital safety, cybercrime, sexual abuse, and trafficking.

In her latest endeavor, Boppana shares personal branding advice on LinkedIn, focusing on her professional accomplishments, philanthropic work, and encouraging youth leaders. She hopes to inspire others to recognize their own worth and potential, and demonstrates that with time, effort, and dedication, anyone can build their own American dream. Keep an eye on this visionary leader as she continues to make waves and, perhaps one day, join the ranks of Forbes 30 Under 30.



David Martinez is a visionary dedicated to preserving the rich Texas Rodeo tradition for future generations, serving as the CEO and founder of Aguas Calientes Complex. Originally from George West, Texas, Martinez's career is grounded in a strong work ethic, family values, and an unwavering passion for the rodeo. As he has managed his father's business and competed in numerous rodeos, earning various accolades and cash prizes in the process, Martinez's commitment to excellence has driven him to establish a company that will leave a lasting legacy for his children.

Aguas Calientes Complex, with a team of experienced professionals, is devoted to upholding professionalism and key corporate values such as family, faith, integrity, work ethic, perseverance, and love of rodeo. As the rodeo scene has suffered from numerous complex closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Aguas Calientes Complex aims to address this gap by modernizing and upgrading the industry. Their premier project, the Aguas Calientes Complex and Resort, offers a one-of-a-kind, luxurious experience for rodeo enthusiasts, competitors, and their families. The complex will feature horse stagecoaches led by authentic cowboys, capturing the essence of the Old West, alongside premium hotels and top-tier steakhouses for vacationers. By collaborating with the top 1% of professionals in the industry, David Martinez is on a mission to preserve the Texas Rodeo tradition for all generations, revitalize the rodeo scene, and ensure its continued success.



Matutu Nyabange has emerged as a trailblazer and unicorn in the service industry. MySquard's exceptional leadership and dedication to people-centric values have cemented its status as a game-changing platform with an unwavering commitment to innovation. By connecting the entire service ecosystem in a single platform, MySquard serves up to 50,000 locations across the United States and beyond.

To deliver top-quality on-demand services, MySquard relies on a diverse community of service providers. The team behind MySquard has spent over a decade developing an app that seamlessly matches customers with service providers. In addition to real-time updates, the platform utilizes GPS technology to streamline service delivery and enhance the overall experience. Watch Matutu Nyabange and MySquard continue to redefine the service industry landscape and secure their position as industry unicorns.

Entertainment Industry

Devan Leos

In the ever-evolving landscape of the entertainment industry, Devan Leos stands out as a bright talent with a clear vision for the future. Known for his roles in popular Disney Channel series like "Mighty Med" and "The Lion Guard," Devan has carved a niche for himself as a versatile actor, voice artist, and content creator. However, it's not just his on-screen presence that makes him a visionary of tomorrow; it's his dedication to using his platform to make a difference in the world.

Beyond his acting career, Devan has been proactive in using his voice to raise awareness on critical social issues and to contribute to various philanthropic causes. As a devoted advocate for children's hospitals, environmental conservation, and mental health awareness, he has demonstrated a strong commitment to leveraging his influence for good. Moreover, his YouTube channel, where he shares engaging content that resonates with his audience, has further cemented his status as a true visionary. With his undeniable talent, unwavering dedication to his craft, and passion for making a positive impact, Devan Leos is undoubtedly shaping the future of the entertainment industry and inspiring the next generation of artists and visionaries.

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