Topless Woman Rides Horseback Through Melbourne in Political Stunt for Climate Change

A woman rode horseback through Melbourne CBD wearing nothing but a pair of undies and a cape on Monday, May 13, as part of a political stunt by Senate candidates Paul Wittwer and Kammy Cordner Hunt.

Wittwer and Hunt are members of the Independents for Climate Action Now party (ICAN), which aims to deliver “scientific, evidence-based policy to deal with the Climate Emergency,” according to ICAN’s website.

The two Victorian Senate candidates said that they staged the demonstration in the name of climate change. reported that the idea was inspired by the medieval legend of Lady Godiva, wife of an earl, who was said to have ridden through an English city naked on a horse, covered only by her long blonde hair, to shame her husband into cutting taxes.

The woman on the horse, Sarah Keecher, is reportedly a party supporter and friend of Wittwer’s.

Wittwer published the footage to Facebook, saying the stunt aimed to “expose the inaction of government on climate and support the Independents for Climate Action Now who are running in the senate.”

“We will act on climate. Accelerate the transition to 100% renewable power, reduce emissions from buildings, electrify the transport system, plant more trees and improve our agricultural practices.” Credit: Paul Wittwer via Storyful