Tops tips to work wonders in the kitchen amid rising prices

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Kitchens are a place of gatherings and are back to being the real heart of the home.

Looeeze Grossman, founder and CEO of The Used Kitchen Company, shares expert tips on ways to work wonders in the busiest room in the house, amid rising prices of everything…


Buy a used kitchen

Did you know you can buy a used or ex-display kitchen at 50-70% off the RRP? Starting at as little as £1,500, Grossman says you could find your dream kitchen well within your budget.

“And remember, if you love the worktops and appliances but the colour isn’t right, you can often re-paint it to the colour of your choice,” notes Grossman.

Along with The Used Kitchen Company, who manage the whole process including viewing, dismantling and delivery, she says you can also check out sites like eBay or Gumtree – just keep in mind you’ll be doing the leg work.

“You’ll need to pay a carpenter or professional to take out the kitchen you’re buying – please don’t trust the seller to do this themselves,” she warns, “or you could end up with only half the worktop you were promised, and overall, it will prove to be a false economy.”

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Sell your existing kitchen

You can also sell your existing kitchen, which could go some way towards purchasing your next one, says Grossman, especially if buying used or ex-display.

“You can sell your used kitchen on eBay or Gumtree, but for a seamless experience – especially if it’s your first time selling – I’d always recommend talking to a company that specialises in selling used kitchens,” suggests Grossman.


Leave the sink, change the taps

It is possible to change your kitchen sink, but it’s not the cheapest option.

“You’ll need to plumb it back in, you’ll need to reseal it, and of course, there’s the risk of chipping your worktops in the process.”

Instead, there are amazing cleaning products on the market that can bring a sparkle back to even the dullest stainless-steel sink.

“From Power Paste to Bar Keepers Friend or baking soda and white wine vinegar – all will help to revive a dull sink,” says Grossman.

But while changing the sink could be costly, she says changing your taps doesn’t have to be.


Get creative with your flooring

“Stencilling a pattern on plain tiles can make a bold impact that, once sealed, will not only look impactful, but will also last.”

She continues: “There are great stencils available online, and so many great paints and colours which will work on tiles. Just make sure you go for a paint that’s suitable for your flooring (tiles or wood) and be sure to use a sealant on top to protect your work, once you’re happy with the finished result.”

If you’re a nervous decorator, Grossman says there’re stick-on tiles available, which you can use on top of your existing flooring. But in a kitchen – where there are often changes in temperature, and exposure to moisture and grease – they can lift quickly, so be cautious.

“If you want to replace your floor, but budget is tight, consider visiting your local flooring shop to see what offcuts are available,” says Grossman. “Lino has come a long way and can be a reasonable alternative to tiles or wood flooring.”

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Change your handles

Simply updating your kitchen handles can make a huge difference to the room, and they don’t have to cost a fortune. “Check out sites like eBay or Amazon, visit boot sales or charity shops and see what’s on offer,” suggests Grossman.



She says adding storage to your kitchen will not only make it tidier, but can also make it look completely different.

“Adding under-cupboard storage baskets, or creating a hanging pot stand or utensil holder can update your kitchen and doesn’t cost the earth.”

Add a feature wall or backsplash

If you decide replacing your kitchen is way out of your budget, Grossman says creating a feature wall, or even a feature backsplash, can add some wow factor to a tired kitchen.

“Backsplashes are no longer dowdy tiles, but come in all sorts of materials, including stone and granite to match your worktops, or coloured or vintage glass.

“If replacing your splashback is out of budget, you can easily update your own by re-painting tiles,” notes Grossman. “You can even add transfers to your tiles, creating a totally different look for just a few pounds.”