Torchbearing Aussie Takes Out Trash With Dramatic Flourish During Coronavirus Lockdown

In keeping with an Australian trend of making an event out of taking out the trash during the country’s COVID-19 lockdown, a New South Wales woman put on a dramatic torchbearer getup to bring her bin to the curb in Katoomba on April 1.

Footage recorded by Donald William Kinder, the husband of Rachel Louise Kinder, shows her putting out the bin with great pomp, even curtseying after it is in place at the end of the drive.

Speaking to Storyful about the video, Louise said, “I’m wearing a homemade headpiece and an old cloak that I’ve had for years. I’m carrying my firestick lit from one end … and felt like a torchbearer warning off the COVID-19.”

People across Australia have shared videos of themselves and their family members taking out the trash and putting recycling bins out for collection while in costumes during the nation’s coronavirus lockdown, which mandates that people only leave the house for essential shopping, exercise, medical needs, and work.

Thirty-nine people have died from COVID-19 in Australia, and there have been 5,795 confirmed cases as of April 6, according to Australia’s Department of Health. Credit: Rachel Louise Kinder via Storyful