Tories plan to extend £2 bus fare cap if they win general election

The Conservative party has unveiled plans to extend the £2 cap on bus fares in England if they are re-elected in July. The pledge, made in its manifesto, promises to maintain the scheme throughout the next Parliament.

They say the move would benefit "young people and low-income households", with funding coming from a "reform of the railway which will save up to £1.5 billion annually". The cap, which was first introduced in January 2023, is set to end on December 31.

Graham Vidler, chief executive of the Confederation of Passenger Transport (CPT), welcomed the commitment, saying: "It is good to see the Conservative Party recognising the importance of buses by committing to continue fully funded support for bus fares if they win the next election."

But he also accused the party of missing an opportunity saying: "While they reaffirm a commitment to support bus services across the North and Midlands – with funding reallocated from HS2 – today’s manifesto announcement is a missed opportunity to demonstrate a commitment to grow services across the entire country.”