Tornado Causes Severe Damage in Selma, Alabama

A “large and extremely dangerous tornado” tore through Selma, Alabama, on Thursday, January 12, the National Weather Service in Birmingham said, with city officials reporting " significant damage" to buildings, power lines, trees, and vehicles.

This footage, streamed live on Facebook by Selma resident Lemarkus A. Snow, shows damage to homes, debris strewn over roadways, and a vehicle that was struck by a falling tree while a woman and infant were inside. Snow and his friend rush to check on the occupants, who both appear to have escaped injury.

Snow told his Facebook followers that he saw damage to multiple buildings across the town and compared the scenes to “World War III.”

“The city’s just torn up,” said Snow said, who urged people to check on their family and friends.

Selma authorities said most streets in the city were closed due to downed power lines and trees, but said all schools had reported that students were unharmed. Credit: Lemarkus A. Snow via Storyful

Video transcript


Go run, man. Check on your mom. I'm going to hang. Tree fell on my manager. Mama called. We had to come over here.

Lord have mercy. Roll sound [INAUDIBLE] radio stations all went out. [INAUDIBLE] need to get on round [INAUDIBLE]. Whoa. [INAUDIBLE] get on there. Don't get [INAUDIBLE].

Oh, they done hit the project, too, also. The trees down [INAUDIBLE] home. [INAUDIBLE]


You all right, Miss [INAUDIBLE]? My work [INAUDIBLE] the fell on the car. [INAUDIBLE] hit her. Oh.

Where you been? Where your boy at? Hey, little man. Hey. There go your [INAUDIBLE] right there.

Check on your people over here. You got some people-- Martin Luther King, St. Philip, St. Anne [INAUDIBLE] City. Tornado hit all them. Actually need [INAUDIBLE].


- Pete [INAUDIBLE] family members were smoking over [INAUDIBLE] Luther King, better check on [INAUDIBLE].



My manager-- [INAUDIBLE] fell over [INAUDIBLE].




Right now.

Yeah, the whole street-- everything. Oh, no, I'm good with [INAUDIBLE]. [INAUDIBLE]