Tornado kills three and leaves 174 people injured in Havana

Will Metcalfe

A man inspects a damaged car lying on its side in the tornado-hit Luyano neighborhood in Havana early on January 28, 2019. – A rare and powerful tornado that struck Havana killed three people and left 172 injured, Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel said early on January 28. (Photo by YAMIL LAGE / AFP/Getty Images)

The president of Cuba says that a tornado in eastern Havana has killed three people and injured 174 others.

The Cuban capital was battered late on Sunday and in the early hours of Monday by powerful winds and heavy rains.

A blackout hit many Havana neighbourhoods around 9pm local time.

President Miguel Diaz-Canel posted photos of himself on Twitter with rescue workers besides what appeared to be a vehicle overturned by the storm.

Cuba tornado: Three killed and more than 170 injured in Havana as deadly cyclone hits capital

Emergency services tape off a building after it suffered serious damage when a tornado hit Cuba.

Little further information about the storm appeared in state media.

Photos posted by Cuban media and Havana residents on Twitter showed cars crushed by fallen lampposts and cars trapped in floodwaters around the city.

Cuban actor Luis Silva said he was driving with his wife and children when the tornado struck.

“I had to avoid fallen trees, floods, strong winds. Until I was able to get home!” he wrote in an Instagram post. “We had a big scare.”

One local radio station said on Twitter that the neighbourhoods of Regla and 10 de Octubre and the town of San Miguel de Padron had been affected by the tornado.

A family are helped to evacuate after a hurricane hit Cuba, killing 174 and injuring others.

The Tornado struck Havana. Here, rescuers examine an overturned bus as families flee.

The tornado whipped through working class districts of the Cuban capital leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.
The tornado whipped through working class districts of the Cuban capital leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.

The island regularly suffers extreme weather, including hurricanes and Atlantic storms, and sits in the Caribbean Sea which is vulnerable to hurricanes from June until November.

In September 2017, 10 people died in Cuba as a result of Hurricane Irma, with seven of these deaths in Havana, according to state television.

Irma made landfall in Cuba as a Category 5 storm, blasting into seaside towns and causing flooding in low-lying areas of Havana. Winds of 125 mph whipped roofs off buildings, ripped trees from the ground and forced evacuations along the coast.

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