Tornado-Warned Storms Sweep Through Southwest Kansas

A line of strong thunderstorms carrying high winds and possible tornados moved through southwest Kansas on Sunday evening, February 26, the National Weather Service said.

Footage by Twitter user @JakeSylveon shows lightning and a fast-moving cloud rotation near the town of Sublette, the weather service said.

A severe storm warning was issued for Sublette, while tornado warnings were issued for nearby areas, including Cimarron and Meade. Credit: @JakeSylveon via Storyful

Video transcript

- Holy cow. What the frick is happening?

- What in the world that? Is it past or is it in town now? That's a down burst like crazy.

- It's a tornado.

- It may be a tornado, but that is definitely a down burst. Oh!

- Gosh.

- The lightning.

- There is insane lightning right now.

- Yeah, we're not driving into that. Just telling you. [CHUCKLES]

- Because that looks like a tornado.

- We're sitting up here north of town. We were going to drive right into that. I don't know if it's hail or wind. Yeah, make sure you get the-- it looks like a tornado. It's definitely very strong winds.

- Dang.

- Wow. That was bad. OK, we'll be there here in a few minutes, but we're watching that pass. Stay in the basement. Love you. Bye.

- I don't even know what that is. It looks like a frigging tornado.

- Oh, but that's something for you to send in to--

- Oh, my gosh.

- I'm not sure that's not a tornado. I think it's just a massive downburst though. Look at the lightning following it. That may be a tornado, Jacob.

- I'm not sure. I mean, look at the rotation up here. There's a wall cloud right there.

- Oh, my gosh. Yeah. What in the world? I'm not exactly sure what the heck has happening. Dang, that's scary. And we about drove into whatever the heck that is.

- Glad we were a little bit late getting into it.

- Everyone's texting me now.

- Who?

- Skyler, Grandma.

- Yeah, cause they're like Jacob, what was that?

- I don't know what is happening. That is not--