'This would be torture': fears Alaa Abd el-Fattah will be force-fed in jail, says sister

Alaa Abd el-Fattah, a detained British-Egyptian pro-democracy activist, is believed to be on his third day without water as the Cop27 climate conference takes place in the country where he has been in prison for most of the past decade. His sister, Sanaa Seif, has spoken to the Guardian, voicing her concern that Egyptian officials may be torturing him behind closed doors through force-feeding, following nearly seven months on hunger strike. 'We know they are happy for him to die, they just don’t want it to happen while the world is watching. But the world is watching,' she told the media after being harassed by a pro-regime MP during a press conference at the climate summit venue. Seif has also called on UK prime minister Rishi Sunak to negotiate his release in what has become a defining issue for British-Egyptian relations. ‘I know you can do it, it has been done before,’ she said.