Tory Brexiteer David Davies called a liar by Leave supporter during TV interview

By Ellie Cullen, Press Association
David Davies was giving an interview about abuse against MPs.
David Davies was giving an interview about abuse against MPs.

A Conservative Brexiteer has been accused of being a liar and a traitor by a Brexit-supporting member of the public as he gave a television interview.

MP for Monmouth David Davies was speaking to BBC Wales about a rise in abuse against MPs when he was confronted by the woman.

In the footage, the woman calls him a “traitor” when he tells her he is pro-Brexit but voted for Theresa May’s deal.

“You are a liar. You did not vote to leave,” she says.

“Shame on you. You’re a traitor,” she adds.

“You should feel uncomfortable. You’ve betrayed 17.4 million people.”

Speaking to the camera, Mr Davies, who has started wearing a body camera to and from Parliament in response to intimidation, says: “And that’s what you put up with when you’re out here all the time.”

Welsh Assembly member Alun Davies re-tweeted the video clip and praised the politician for how he handled the incident.

“But we also need a conversation about how we can disagree with each other, have a serious debate and rebuild our politics. In Wales and the UK,” he added.

The Monmouth MP replied saying he “100%” agreed.