Tory leadership candidate Jeremy Hunt has been taking Twitter tips from Donald Trump

Jeremy Hunt greeted Donald Trump when he landed in the UK last week (Picture; PA)

Jeremy Hunt has been taking Twitter tips from Donald Trump.

The foreign secretary and Tory leadership candidate told The Times he had discussed how to engage his followers on social media with the US president.

Mr Hunt was an ever-present during Mr Trump’s state visit to the UK last week - he welcomed him on landing at Stansted Airport and the pair chatted at several points during the three-day trip.

In a press conference, Mr Trump said Mr Hunt would do a “good job” as the next prime minister.

And in an interview for The Times Red Box podcast, Mr Hunt said he has spoken to Mr Trump on several conversations about tweeting.

Donald Trump, Theresa May and Jeremy Hunt at dinner at the US Ambassador's residence in London last week (Picture; PA)
Mr Hunt and Mr Trump chatted several times during the US president's state visit (Picture; PA)

“I did have quite long conversations with him last time he came and also a little bit this time on his use of social media and the power of the tweets,” said Mr Hunt.

“I think he’s someone that all politicians can learn from — the attention that he pays to communicating with his base and the American people is very impressive, whether or not you agree with the content.”

When asked if this meant his tweets would become more “Trumpian”, Mr Hunt replied: “Not more Trumpian, but more frequent and more Jeremy.”

Mr Hunt follows the president on Twitter, but Mr Trump does not follow him back.

Mr Hunt said of Mr Trump: “This is someone who, love him or loathe him, is incredibly affectionate towards Britain and in a post-Brexit world as we plough our furrow in a totally different way, that’s going to be a very big asset to us.”

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He said Mr Trump “notices” the protests against him, saying: “He’s not as thick-skinned as everyone says.”

Launching his bid on Monday to be Tory leader and the next prime minister, Mr Hunt warned the Conservatives will be "annihilated" if they fight a general election before delivering Brexit.

Mr Hunt said he was prepared to leave the EU without a deal, but signalled he could extend Brexit beyond October 31 if an agreement was in sight.

Mr Hunt launched his campaign on Monday to become leader of the Conservative Party and prime minister (Picture: PA)

He said: "Without a deal, any prime minister who promised to leave by a certain date would have to call a general election to change the parliamentary arithmetic.

"And that is an election we would lose badly. If we fight an election before delivering Brexit we will be annihilated.

"Squeezed by the Brexit Party on the right and the Lib Dems on the left. We will simply allow Labour through the middle.

"And, if that happened nationally it would be the end of Brexit."

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