Tory ministers ‘could resign in droves’ to force Theresa May out

Theresa May paid dearly for her U-turn on social care, said Mr Davis (Picture: PA)

Tory junior ministers could resign in large numbers to force Theresa May to stand aside – as she is increasingly seen as a ‘lame horse’ Prime Minister, sources have said.

Junior ministers are increasingly frustrated by ‘selfish’ Cabinet ministers who are pushing Theresa May around ‘like a rag doll’ for their own ends, the Telegraph reported.

Mid-ranking ministers reportedly feel that senior colleagues are taking advantage of Mrs May – and that the government is ‘doing nothing’ and ‘going nowhere’.

A number of ministers are reported to be considering overthrowing Mrs May by stepping down before the party’s conference in Manchester in October.

Boris Johnson, the foreign secretary (Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

The Prime Minister took to the stage this week at the Conservative ball at the Hurlingham Club which sees rich supporters and party donors party alongside Conservative MPs.

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Mrs May took the stage to say, ‘I promise you this: there will be no sitting back, no licking our wounds.

‘Instead, we will act with an unshakeable sense of purpose to make the very best of the new political situation.

A party source told The Sun, ‘It was a much more muted affair than under Cameron, but David Davis was very popular and the Cabinet hopefuls were shamelessly working the room.’