Tory MP wearing ‘leather mini-skirt’ and ‘high heels’ in road crash, court told

A Conservative MP was wearing a “black leather mini-skirt” and “high heels” when he was involved in a late-night car crash, a court has heard.Jamie Wallis, who has represented Bridgend since 2019, is on trial accused of failing to stop, failing to report a road traffic collision, driving without due care and attention and leaving a vehicle in a dangerous position.Wallis denies the charges.Pc Louis Hall found Wallis in a bedroom within the house asleep and said: “He appeared to be wearing make-up. His eyelids were dark, his lips were red and his cheeks were bronzed, and he had red nail polish on his toes.”Wallis was found naked in the living area of a flat and given a modesty blanket until clothing could be found.The black leather skirt and pearl necklace were found next to the bed and were seized by police.

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