Tory MPs have the faces of guilty men

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Jessica Taylor’s haunting photograph of Tory MPs being taken to task by Keir Starmer about their leader’s lies, published in your print edition above the article listing their excuses for him (Cakes, raves and robbery: How Tory loyalists got creative to defend PM, 20 April), has echoes of the guilty men at the Nuremberg trials of leading Nazis. There is the same arrogance, indifference and inability to look at either the speaker or the consequences of their actions. The game is up and they know it. But they don’t care.
Dave Massey

• After Tuesday’s long read on the Oxford Union (A nursery of the Commons’: how the Oxford Union created today’s ruling political class, 19 April) and your report (19 April) about the “canoe man” accents, perhaps the Church of England could put out a message to help calm the choppy politics v religion waters: “Spot t’CE-laid note re kayaker: Eton dialect tops” (Letters, 20 April).
Fr Alec Mitchell
Holyhead, Anglesey

• I’ve heard that the French version of The Thief, His Wife and the Canoe has been entitled Pas de lieu Rhône que nous.
David Robson

• Thank you, Lucy Mangan, for telling it like it is on childbirth for a change, in your review of Yorkshire Midwives on Call (18 April). My own experience left me with a terror of ever finding myself on a desert island with a midwife.
Tessa Hall
Woodstock, Oxfordshire

• There was a rumour going round that Flamin’ Nora (Letters, 19 April) had married Gordon Bennett. Or was it Ian Grieve?
Terry Carbro
Sleights, North Yorkshire

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