Tory who sent "buttery and creamy" teenage girls tweet resigns

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GONE: The Tory who sent the offensive tweet stepped down last night
GONE: The Tory who sent the offensive tweet stepped down last night


THE Conservative local deputy-chair who posted a tweet saying 16-year-old girls smell "buttery and creamy" has resigned from the party.

This weekend, a post on the Twitter account now confirmed to be of Jonty Campbell, who has stood for election in Preston on a number of occasions, was spotted online.

It said: “Here’s the thing with girls 22 or under, they smell massively different to a girl of 28.

"Girls aged 16 to, say 23, have this buttery, creamy, slightly sweet smell that is unbelievably magnetic.”

According to the Preston Conservative Association's website, Jonty Campbell was the deputy chair of campaigning and has stood for election on five occasions under the Tory banner.

In a statement confirming Campbell's departure, Preston Conservatives chair Andrew Pratt said: "Regarding the offensive tweet by Jonty Campbell - he has resigned from the Conservative Party today and no longer holds any committee position.

"The language and opinions about women and girls are totally unacceptable. They will not be tolerated in any form."

Campbell's twitter account is no longer visible to those who do not follow him.

After it was posted, Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu, an author and women's rights activist, quoted the tweet and replied: "What did I just FREAKING read? Where do you begin to deconstruct this evil.

"It’s the mindset of misogyny/violence against women personified. What a sick disgusting perversion about young women. Jonty Campbell is who Conservatives have as a candidate?".

The tweet is the latest in a recent string of scandals that have gripped the Conservative Party.

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Tory MP Neil Parish has resigned after twice watching pornography in the House of Commons, while an as-yet unnamed Tory MP has been arrested on suspicion of rape and at the weekend further stories against a "top Tory", accused of drink-spiking, were published.

It follows the jailing of Wakefield MP Imran Ahmad Khan for child sex offences, who has been backed up by fellow Tory Crispin Blunt who has said his conviction is a "miscarriage of justice".

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