Touching Moment Tube Driver Stops Train To Pay Tribute To Grenfell Tower Victims

Nicola Slawson

A London underground driver stopped his tube and unfurled a green banner in a “spontaneous” tribute to Grenfell victims on the first anniversary of the disaster.

The train stopped on a bridge leading to Latimer Road station, near the tower, where members of the community were gathered on Wednesday evening. 

Touching footage shows the driver sounding the tube’s horn and shouting words of support down to the group, who responded with applause and cheers. 

A Transport for London (TfL) spokesman told HuffPost on Thursday that he had “not heard of anything like it” previously and added that the stopping of a tube service to pay tribute may be “unprecedented”.

The spokesman said that the driver made the decision “spontaneously” but had the full support of TfL. 

“The driver is local to the area... he lives around there... and is at the memorial at the moment,” he said. 

The tribute was captured by Sky News during a live broadcast as they were covering the tributes.  

Correspondent Dan Whitehead described the moment as “remarkable.”

Speaking to the camera, he said: “Pretty remarkable scenes, actually - one of the underground trains stopping and cheers from the couple of hundred people here who have gathered.”

He added: “What a lovely tribute.”