Touching photo shows loyal dog protecting dead owner's coffin at her wake

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer
Boxer Belinha jumped up and protected her owner’s coffin during her wake (CEN)

This is the heartwarming moment a loyal dog stood over her owner’s coffin during an emotional wake.

The boxer, called Belinha, had supported her owner, Telma Maria Pereira de Andrade, through a battle with cancer until she sadly passed away.

According to Andrade’s son Dionisio Neto, Belinha stood protecting her owner’s coffin during the wake in Teresina, Brazil.

The dog’s owner was said to have had a “special relationship” with the animal (CEN)

He said: “At the wake she (Belinha) stood up when people came up to the coffin.

“She got up and was protecting.”

He added: “She stayed under the coffin all night.”

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Telma Maria died after cancer had spread to her pancreas, liver, lungs and spine.

Her son said that his mother had had a special relationship with the four-year-old boxer, telling reporters the dog was “like a nurse”.

He added: “She gave my mother a lot of company, and kept her spirits up.

Belinha will now stay with her owner’s husband in the family home (CEN)

“They did everything together, starting with breakfast.”

The family said they would take Belinha to her owner’s grave a week after the burial.

Andrade left behind her husband and two sons, who will now look after Belinha in the family home.