Touching Tribute To Teacher With Cancer - Viewed More Than A Million Times

A teacher who is bravely working through her cancer battle has received a touching end of term gift, which has gone viral.

A moving video of US students singing for Adriana Lopez - who is still undergoing gruelling treatment - has been viewed more than a million times on YouTube, since Tuesday.

The surprise song brought Mrs Lopez to tears, when the PS22 Chorus performed their rendition of I’m Gonna Love You Through It, by Martina McBride.

Astonishingly, courageous Mrs Lopez carried on working at the Staten Island school, despite having surgery and chemotherapy.

The choir is made up of fifth graders, who are aged between 10 and 11 years olds.

Their director posted on Facebook: “For a dear friend and teacher whose bravery and dedication to her students amidst a difficult fight with breast cancer has inspired us all. We love you, Mrs Lopez!”

The teacher told “I just felt so supported and from all these little kids, who don’t know what cancer really is.

“Just for them to be there singing this powerful song, it was an overwhelming feeling. I couldn’t contain myself. I just couldn’t stop crying.”

She told the site that she has two more chemotherapy treatments and 35 days of radiation – which she will have after school each day.

Mrs Lopez added: “Going to work does help because it keeps you busy, and no one keeps you busier than 25 kids in a class.”

Singer Martina McBride paid tribute to the young choir on Twitter, thanking them and sending love to their teacher.

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