Tourist attempts to push through police cordon to take pictures of lion cub in southern China

A tourist attempted to force her way through a police cordon to take pictures of a lion cub in southern China. Video filmed in the city of Huaihua in Hunan Province on October 1 shows a woman attempting to push through the police cordon to get a closer look at the lion cub. The woman then said to the security guard: "I just want to take pictures. Why are you so annoying? What's wrong with taking pictures?" The security guard said: "The lion is still a baby. You cannot touch it. Please stand back a little bit. Sorry about that." The woman responded: "Don't touch me. I bought the ticket today. What's wrong with taking pictures?" The security guard replied: "You can see the lion cub but you cannot touch it. It is a protected animal." The angry woman then said: "I will expose you on the internet, do you believe it? I have to take pictures today! I have to go inside and take pictures!" The Huaihua Wild Animal and Botanical Garden then stopped letting tourists see the lion cub. An employee said, the lion cub was only a month old and it was not allowed to have too much contact with the tourists. The video was provided by local media with permission.

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