Tourist Floats With Stingrays While Soaking Up Maldives Sun

Rizkhan Mohamed of Shadow Palm Tours in the Maldives used his drone to capture what he called an “unbelievable encounter” between a tourist and a number of stingrays just off a beach in Maafushi.

His camera offers an overview of the daring beachgoer’s adventure with the potentially hazardous sea creatures.

Stingrays are often found in the lagoons of the Maldives. Their sting can be very dangerous, but they usually only act in self-defense.

When they do sting they often aim for critical parts of the body such as chest or neck. Had the beachgoer accidentally stepped on one of the stingrays it could have been a dangerous encounter, but he cuts a serene figure in Mohamed’s footage. Credit: shadowpalmmaldives via Storyful