Tourist Hears Crying And Ends Up Saving A Stray Puppy's Life

After going through a breakup, Jessica Haltzman took a life changing trip. She didn’t realize

though, that her life wouldn’t be the only one changing. She started her journey of self discovery in New Delhi, India. While staying at a hostel there, she heard crying from outside. When she went to go lend help, she found it wasn’t a person crying. “I find a tiny little puppy laying on the street in front of the hostel. I knew at that moment I needed to save his life.” - Jessica Haltzman to The Dodo. Haltzman immediately took the little dog, who was clearly injured and in pain, to a vet. Both of the puppy’s hips were broken, and he had an infected wound. Once the puppy healed, Haltzman changed all her travel plans. She canceled her flight to Nepal and booked a bus

ticket, so that the puppy could join her. She ended up naming him Delhi, after the city where she found him.