Tourist hotspot marks panda's return to China with shower of balloons

In Chengdu Dujiangyan, a scenic area welcomed a panda named Ya Ya back home by displaying balloons in the shape of a panda falling from the ceiling on April 27. After a 16-hour flight, the cargo plane carrying the beloved giant panda Ya Ya arrived at Shanghai Pudong International Airport on the afternoon of April 27. After being away for 20 years, the 23-year-old Ya Ya finally returned to her hometown. According to reports, the 23-year-old giant panda returned to China from the US and arrived at Shanghai Pudong International Airport. Accompanied by Chinese veterinarians and staff, she was taken to a closed quarantine area for isolation and testing. In the evening, Ya Ya made her first appearance in the isolation and quarantine area. She ate fresh bamboo shoots and was surrounded by piles of bamboo. Inside the room, Ya Ya was curious and leisurely, seeming to smile on her face. During the quarantine period in Shanghai, the expert team from Beijing Zoo provided 24-hour care for Ya Ya, carefully taking care of her diet, health monitoring, diagnosis and treatment due to her advanced age and changes in her living environment. They accompanied Ya Ya through the one-month isolation period as soon as possible, so that she could return to her home country to continue her life. The video was provided with local media’s permission.