Tourists blasted after posing for potentially deadly selfies on clifftop

Coastguards have hit out at a group of tourists who sat on the edge of a crumbling 500ft cliff while they posed for selfies.

Shots of the group, who are believed to be from South Korea, were posted on Instagram and show them smiling gleefully as they teeter over the edge at the Seven Sisters Country Park near Brighton, East Sussex.

One girl was even pictured balancing on one leg as she stood close to the edge of the cliff.

Risky: The tourists sat right on the edge of the cliff (Instagram)

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They hashtagged their risky antic #sevensisters – but a spokesman for the Dover Coastguard was in no rush to ‘like’ the pictures.

He said: “There is nothing we can do to stop them doing it, but we do advise and request people not to do it.

“It’s a problem and you can only tell people not to do it. It’s a beauty spot and people do take pictures there, but there are signs up warning people not to go near the edge.

Balanced: One girl stood on one leg at the edge of the cliff (Instagram)

“Education is the best thing we can do.”

A spokeswoman for Solent Coastguard added: “We’ve seen a number of cliff collapses around the coast in recent months and it’s very clear that these cliffs are very unstable in places.

“We really can’t stress enough how important it is to keep back from the edge. There is no safe place to be.

Not worth it: Coastguards warned that the group were risking their lives (Instagram)

“Don’t be tempted to go and investigate and don’t risk going to the edge to get a dramatic picture – no selfie or photograph is worth risking your life for.

“Use the designated paths, take notice of any warning signs, be responsible and don’t take any unnecessary risks.”

The area has seen its fair share of cliff collapses this year, including a chunk of a 250ft chalk cliff that fell into the sea below.

Top pic: Instagram