Tourists fight on cable car over best spot to take photos at hotspot in northern China

In a video filmed on May 2, a group of tourists engaged in a physical altercation inside a cable car at the Baoshan Cliff World Scenic Area in Xinxiang, Henan province. Video footage from the scene shows several tourists fighting and shouting at each other, causing chaos in the packed cable car. Other tourists tried to intervene to prevent any harm from happening. According to a spokesperson from the scenic area, the fight broke out when two tourists were arguing over the best spot to take photos. There were staff members present inside the cable car who intervened and many other tourists helped to stop the fight. Local police were called to the scene and the tourists involved were criticised and educated. The Baoshan Cliff World Scenic Area features a cable car that is 1,100 metres long and has a height of 334 metres. The cable car has a capacity of up to 200 people. The video was provided with local media’s permission.