Tourists flock to beautiful field of orange cosmos flowers blooming in northern Thailand

Tourists are flocking to this field after thousands of beautiful orange cosmos flowers bloomed over the weekend.

The stunning carpet of colorful daisy-like flowers from the sunflower family appeared in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand.

Footage from Sunday (November 24) shows visitors posing for selfies alongside the flowers, which are now at full bloom.

One visitor said: "The flowers are so beautiful. I like just to relax here and forget everything.''

The Tourism Directory of Chiang Mai said officers had helped to cultivate the field for flowers to bloom this winter.

They said: "We make our best efforts to provide beautiful facilities for tourists to enjoy their trip while traveling around northern Thailand."

It is believed that more than 50 billion baht (1.65m USD) will be spent by travelers throughout Thailand this season.

The cosmos flowers, locally called Dao Krajai, are one of the country's most popular ornamental plants. The flowers bloom in cold weather and thrive in northern part of Thailand where temperatures are cooler.