TOWIE's Chloe Sims shares transformation after leaving Essex for LA

Chloe Sims has undergone a transformation from her days on The Only Way Is Essex - and she says the Chloe Sims from TOWIE no longer exists. The 42-year-old reality TV icon, who was the longest-standing member of the ITVBe series until her departure in 2021, has spent the past year and a half soaking up the sun on the Californian coast, which she credits with changing her in every way possible.

She's left behind the gruelling gym sessions and the endless pursuit of "perfection" that once dominated her life. Chloe admits that she feels like a completely different person now - and she's much happier for it.

"It sounds really weird because I haven't really spoken about this, but I've realised that Chloe from TOWIE doesn't exist any more," she reveals. During her initial time in LA, Chloe enjoyed the anonymity, telling her brother Charlie that she could work in Trader Joe's without being recognised. The freedom of being just another face in the crowd allowed her to shed the pressures she once felt about maintaining a perfect appearance and persona, reports OK!.

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"I realised I could just be anyone I wanted, and that took away a lot of the pressure of perfection about how I looked and how I dressed, about everything. I didn't have to play that part any more."

As she began to relax into her new environment, the obsession with perfection that had once consumed her began to fade, and she found herself focusing on what truly brought her joy.

"I don't look down on who I was, and I'll always be grateful to TOWIE, but I'm just not that person any more," she says, reflecting on her persona transformation. "I'm more mature, more chilled out and I feel happier to be honest."

Chloe is currently in the UK, taking a break from the cameras of her reality TV show, 'House of Sims. '. She's currently undertaking an exciting project: a major renovation of a sprawling country house in Essex, which she snapped up earlier in the year. It will serve as her UK home for when she's jetting between Britain and America. It will also provide a stable UK base for her daughter Madison, 19, who lives a transatlantic lifestyle, dividing her time between LA and Essex.

Reflecting with a laugh on her latest real estate acquisition, she admits that even buying a house in the countryside signifies the new, more laid-back Chloe she has become.

"I started looking for somewhere in London, and I put a few offers in on flats in Chelsea, but for whatever reason, I didn't get them," she says. "I realise I wasn't supposed to, because then I started looking back in sunny Essex and saw this. It's in an area I haven't actually lived in before so not Brentwood! but it's really nice because it's all fields and really peaceful."