Town's Bonfire featured an effigy of Putin leering over an elderly couple freezing on a sofa

A town's Bonfire featured an effigy of Putin leering over an elderly couple freezing on a sofa.

The Russian leader looming over a 'shivering elderly couple on a couch' was exploded as part of the annual celebrations in Battle, Sussex.

The town holds an annual Bonfire Night celebration where an effigy is built in secret before being revealed on the big day and exploded.

A 20ft Putin can be seen gripping a scythe as he hovers over an elderly couple who are shivering under a blanket on their couch with the man wearing a 'Price Cap' hat.

The elderly man is seen reading a newspaper with headlines such as 'Food Bank Usages At All Time High!' and 'Putin The Heat On' and the effigy features a statement saying 'WRAP UP WARM' with 'WAR' painted in red.

The political statement saw the giant Putin effigy EXPLODE in front of a huge crowd that gathered to witness the annual celebration of Bonfire Night last night at approximately 8.45pm.

Local man and tour guide, Andrew Knowles-Baker, attended the celebrations and said: "We have celebrated Bonfire Night in Battle in Sussex pretty much since 1605.

"Traditionally, each year there is an effigy, sometimes controversial and sometimes not, that is exploded.

"This year, the bonfire boys have chosen an effigy of a 20ft Vladimir Putin overcast as the figure of Death, basically, over an elderly couple on a sofa who are obviously very, very cold.

"The effigy is constructed each year in secret and brought to the town during the day in readiness to be exploded as part of the celebrations in the evening.

"It was a damp evening but it didn't deter a few thousand people from turning up, and as usual, the high street was full with everyone craning to get a view of the fireworks, the bonfire and, of course, the effigy.

"It was loud! But then again, it always is."