Toyota GR Yaris reveal set for 10 January, new teaser released (Adrian Padeanu)
Toyota GR Yaris teaser

Three doors, wide wings, and possibly AWD.

Images of a hot Toyota Yaris prototype undergoing testing at the Nürburgring emerged onto the web back in July, and while the feisty hatch was supposed to debut in November at Rally Australia, fires around Coffs Harbour, New South Wales delayed the vehicle’s premiere. We now know when the GR Yaris will finally receive its highly anticipated launch as Toyota has announced plans to host the unveiling on 10 January during the Tokyo Auto Salon 2020.

Meanwhile, the sporty Yaris will receive its dynamic debut on 15 December during the Japan Toyota Gazoo Racing Festival 2019. Presumably, the GR-spec version of the company’s supermini hatchback will still carry this Supra-esque funky camouflage slapped onto a near-production prototype having some fun in the sand.

Interestingly, we’re noticing it has a three-door layout as opposed to the aforementioned car caught at the Green Hell which had rear doors. It remains to be seen whether Toyota will sell it in two different body styles or the vehicle seen at the German track was not the GR version teased here. For what it’s worth, the GRMN-spec Yaris also had just three doors. In Toyota’s sports car hierarchy, GRMN is the king of the hill, above the midrange GR and the entry-level GR Sport.

Technical specifications remain shrouded in mystery, but it’s generally believed the GR Yaris will employ an all-wheel-drive system and many mechanical upgrades adapted from WRC. Output is expected to come from a four-cylinder engine hooked up to a manual gearbox in charge of sending power to both axles.

Another piece of the puzzle that’s missing is about the model’s availability as it’s not known at this point whether it’ll be a regular production car or a limited-run model like the supercharged Yaris GRMN built in only 400 examples for Europe. The GR Supra is a permanent member of the family, so perhaps it will be a similar story with the supermini. If it ends up being a homologation special, Toyota has to make 25,000 road-going GR Yaris in 2020 to comply with WRC regulations.

Hot Yaris incoming: