Trade and NATO top agenda as Merkel and Trump hold first meeting in Washington

The German Chancellor and the US President have held their first joint press conference and it appeared to go without a hitch.

On trade Donald Trump said he wanted fair trade not isolationism, while on NATO Angela Merkel said Germany must meet its spending goals. Trump thanked Merkel for the commitment to increase defence spending and work towards contributing at least 2 percent of GDP.

The meeting between two of the world’s most powerful leaders was hotly anticipated on both sides of the Atlantic. It is seen as an indicator of future relations. On their wildly different leadership styles, Merkel responded that when there is a difference of opinion, they would “analyse both sides, find solutions, compromises which are beneficial to both parties.”

Trump also quipped ‘at least we have something in common’ referring to reports Obama bugged the Chancellor’s phone, in response to a question over his own claims that the former president tapped his phones during the 2016 presidential campaign.