Traffic 'flowing so freely' after 'mysterious disappearing' LTN

MYSTERY: Traffic 'flowing so freely' after 'mysterious disappearing' LTN <i>(Image: Newsquest)</i>
MYSTERY: Traffic 'flowing so freely' after 'mysterious disappearing' LTN (Image: Newsquest)

A COMMUTER claims traffic was ‘flowing so freely’ after a low-traffic neighbourhood (LTNs) bollard was ‘mysteriously’ removed in Oxford.

The bollard, which was installed in Temple Cowley between two planters, was found missing by commuters at about 5pm last night (November 28).

However, commuters believe the bollard wasn’t vandalised due to the lack of damage in the area.

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Posting on the Nextdoor website, one driver said: “While driving back to Littlemore, I noticed the traffic was much lighter than usual around the Temple Cowley area near the police station.

“Usually, at [5pm] there is total gridlock. It then became clear why the traffic was flowing so freely, it was because all the LTN bollards in Temple Cowley had been removed.”


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