'A tragedy unfolding' 13 more birds die in Glasgow park of suspected avian flu

'A tragedy unfolding' 13 more birds die in Glasgow park of suspected avian flu <i>(Image: Supplied)</i>
'A tragedy unfolding' 13 more birds die in Glasgow park of suspected avian flu (Image: Supplied)

The council has confirmed that 13 birds died at a Glasgow park in just two days.

Swans and geese are among the animals which fell victims to suspected bird flu in Knightswood Park.

The north west park is the second green space where the disease is suspected to have spread.

Earlier, the Glasgow Times reported that two swans died here in December, reportedly of the same causes.

A concerned resident claimed that six birds were left dead at the park for four days before they were picked up.

He said: "I'm angry and frustrated. It could have been prevented!

"They are magnificent birds that brighten a pretty dreary neighbourhood. It is like watching a tragedy unfolding.

"I know not everyone liked birds but this was preventable."

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A Glasgow City Council spokesperson said: “Sadly, eleven swans at Knightswood Park have died from suspected bird flu and two other sick birds will be put down to ease their suffering.

“It is likely that an outbreak of the virus at the park has the potential to have a significant impact on its bird population.

“Limiting the spread of the virus in the park is crucial and we have ensured the dead animals have been removed as quickly as possible.

“The public also has an important role in helping to prevent the transfer of the virus and they should follow the advice that will be displayed around the park

“We ask that dogs are kept on leads close to areas where infection is suspected and that people do not feed the birds as this encourages the birds to congregate.

“People are also asked not to touch a dead or sick bird, including any feathers, and should also avoid ground covered with wild bird droppings.

“If anyone sees a dead or sick bird in public places across the city, they should report this to our environmental health team through our website or by calling 0141 287 1059. People can also report online at the DEFRA website.

"We always seek to remove dead birds from public land as quickly as possible. Accessibility can be an issue at times such as last week when there was ice over the pond, or at larger, deeper water courses where boats are required to retrieve dead birds.

"The outbreak at Knightswood is having a significant impact on the bird population there, given its relatively small size."