Tragic Jodie Stobbs 'superwoman' mum dies after 'ultimate act of devotion' to family

A mum dubbed 'superwoman' by her proud friends and family has died after making the 'ultimate act of devotion' to spend more time with her family. Jodie Stobbs passed away, aged just 40, following a brave health battle.

She died 'peacefully' in her husband's arms while 'surrounded by the people she loved most', BirminghamLive has reported. While she was pregnant in 2022 with her third child, Aoife, Jodie experienced chronic pain and difficulty swallowing.

Initially she thought these were symptoms linked to her pregnancy. But, just weeks after giving birth, the barmaid was given the devastating news that she had oesophageal cancer, which had spread to her lungs, liver and lymphatic system.

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Jodie, who was also mum to Jamie and Niamh, was told by medics that she had a life expectancy of six to 12 months. But her husband Mike found out about state-of-the-art testing that would give her the "best chance" of extra time with her loved ones and open the door to clinical trials and immunotherapies.

He launched a fundraiser to pay for the treatment and he and his friend took part in a 220 mile sponsored walk, raising more than the £3,000 needed to pay for the private test. As a result, Jodie, from the Dudley area, underwent specialised treatment.

But back in March of this year, Jodie, called 'Gornal's Superwoman' by her proud family and friends, was given more devastating news - that the cancer had progressed and was thought to be 'treatment resistant'. On Monday, May 27, Jodie passed away, according to a post her husband made on social media. "I write this post with the heaviest of hearts. Today at 4.45am Gornal's Superwoman gained her wings," he wrote.

"She passed away at home peacefully, surrounded by her beautiful children and beloved brother/sister as per her wishes. Gornal has lost one of its finest and we have lost the best mam and wife we could have ever wished for."

He later continued his tribute to his wife, saying she declined offers of medication to make her 'more comfortable', adding: "She said 'If I take these medications, the likelihood is they will shorten the life I have, whether it be a day, an hour, or five minutes, my time will be shorter.

"That's time I can spend here with you and my children. I may not be able to hold you all or cuddle but just hearing and seeing is enough.

"My children will always know, I stayed with them as long as possible and will know there was nothing more I could do.' This was the ultimate act of bravery and showed her devotion to us all."

An outpouring of grief followed with tributes to the mum of three, with many saying how she would be "truly missed". One said: "You fought for two years, from the start until the end.

"A real inspiration to everyone that knew you. You will be forever missed."

Another said: "You honestly showed your kids how to be strong. Never met a woman so strong - you did it your way until your last breath."

Another tribute read: "Absolutely heartbroken but proud beyond belief, she was a true warrior. She had the purest soul I've ever met.

"What a woman love you forever Jowd. At peace now my angel."

Her brother, Stewart, wrote: "Thank you for all the memories you've given us all over the years from our childhood to adulthood. You were the bravest, strongest woman known to man (Gornal's little Rocky). Love you with all my heart and I'll never ever forget you."

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