Train which could go from London to Edinburgh in 50 minutes begins tests in Europe

Rob Waugh
Europe’s first hyperloop track is being built in France

A futuristic train which has been described as the first major change in transport technology in a century could soon blast passengers from London to Edinburgh in 50 minutes.

The first European Hyperloop track has begun construction, with low-pressure tubes delivered to a Toulouse research facility run by Hyperloop Transportation Technologies.

Hyperloop is a planned transport system based on passenger pods travelling through vacuum tubes at breakneck speeds of 500mph and above, designed by a joint team at Tesla and Space X.

The pods will be used to construct a 1,050-foot test system which will come into operation this year, HTT said in a statement.

HTT has yet to confirm European routes for its Hyperloop trains.

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies vient de réceptionner les premiers tubes de la piste d’essais qu’elle veut développer sur son nouveau site de Toulouse-Francazal, a-t-on appris auprès d’HTT, l’une des deux entreprises porteuses du projet de train futuriste à très grande vitesse Hyperloop.

It’s been described as the biggest development in land transport in 100 years – and could take passengers from London to Edinburgh in 50 minutes.


Hyperloop One – one of several companies working with the technology – shortlisted routes in the UK, including Cardiff to Glasgow in 89 minutes.

Glasgow to Liverpool could take just 47 minutes.

Dubai has already signed a deal for a line running from the city-state to the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

Hyperloop One has completed the first successful test of the passenger pod for its radical transport system.